Ambulatory and Community Pediatrics


Before Your Rotation

  • Review the Goals and Objectives
  • Email Dr. Karen Goldstein at least two weeks before your rotation start date to inquire about your schedule and alert her of any anticipated conflicts during your rotation, as scheduling (and thus re-scheduling) the experiences requires a significant amount of coordination.


Required four-week rotation for PL-1 residents, divided into two components:

  • Ambulatory Pediatrics, a two-week outpatient rotation.  The schedule is typically Mon-Fri 8a-5p, with no evening or weekend responsibilities (unless you are assigned to sick or jeopardy call).
  • Community Pediatrics, a two-week collection of several outpatient activities that largely take place during office hours.  However, note that the resident on Community Pediatrics is responsible for the following during non-office hours:

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Attend all assigned clinics and activities
  • Attend morning and noon conference when at FFHC or Comer
  • Complete all assigned reading and presentations
  • Note that interns are assigned to jeopardy call while on the community rotation. Interns must carry their pagers at all times and let Dr. Goldstein if you are activated for jeopardy so she can try to rearrange your schedule


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