This year, we have paired the Primary Care Lecture Series with the Johns Hopkins Curriculum. Here are the scheduled topics that you should review with your preceptors at each weekly clinic:

7/29: Sleep and Sleep Problems
8/5: Injury Prevention
8/12: Advocacy
8/19: Normal and Abnormal Adolescent Growth and Development
8/26: Sexually Transmitted Infections in Adolescents
9/2: Hypertension
9/9: Asthma Diagnosis and Management
9/16: Motor Development
9/23: Constipation
9/30: School Issues in Primary Care- Goldstein
10/7: Immunizations 1
10/14: Immunizations 2
10/21: Down Syndrome
10/28: Anemia
11/4: Common Pediatric Skin Conditions: Acne & Eczema
11/11: Enuresis
11/18: Vaginal Bleeding and Pregnancy in the Adolescent Patient
11/25: Toilet Training
12/2: Influenza Vaccine