Comer – Neonatology (NICU) Service


Before Your Rotation

  • Review the Goals and Objectives
  • The senior residents for each block should reach out to the team 1-2 months in advance to discuss scheduling, which will then be reviewed by the Chief Residents once completed
  • All oncoming team members must receive verbal patient signout from the outgoing team on their new patients; you should also review the off-service notes posted in Epic by the outgoing interns


Monthly Schedule and Days Off

  • PL-1 residents: 8-12 weeks during intern year
  • PL-2 and PL-3 (senior) residents:  Your amount of time as a NICU senior will depend on your concentration and will be part of your Senior Supervisory Rotation (SSR)
  • Schedule is based on 28-hour in-house call every fourth night for seniors and fifth-sixth night for interns

Daily Schedule

  • You will be on a Q4 call system (sharing with your co-senior, the NNPs, and PL3 cross coverage)
  • On call days, arrive at 7AM for signout and leave by 11AM the following day after completion of rounds and clinical duties
  • Clinics are scheduled when you co-senior is on call

Roles and Responsibilities

Welcome to The NICU! During your time in the NICU, you will work with other residents, fellows, neonatal nurse practitioners (NNPs), and attendings to provide care to premature neonates and neonates with varying illnesses. You will attend high risk deliveries and practice resuscitation skills in order to become competent in NRP. You will work with varying multi-disciplinary teams to help provide the best care to your patients.

Responsibilities for PL-3 Team Leaders

  • Q4 in-house call, with days off occurring when co-senior is on call
  • Supervise all interns in patient care, delivery room attendance, procedures, and the completion of notes
  • Participate in rounds
  • Help carry out patient care plans
  • Supervise and teach medical students and Sub-Interns
  • Oversee distribution of patients to NNP service
  • Conduct/Oversee sign-out between resident team and NNP team
  • Carry patients as needed to maintain daytime intern patient cap of 9 patients (Total of 27 for the entire team)
  • Sign out thoroughly and appropriately to NICU Moonlighters

Responsibilities for PL-1s:

  • Q5-6 in-house call
  • Four days off per month
  • Perform the primary care role for patients
  • Pre-round on patients and write daily progress notes and orders
  • Perform history and participate in the stabilization of new admissions
  • Attend deliveries and carry code pager
  • Perform procedures including but not limited to: intubations, umbilical line placement, lumbar puncture
  • Participate in rounds and take care of daily work associated with patient care
  • Present assigned patients on radiology rounds alongside NICU senior
  • Update EPIC-based problem list weekly with additional updates prior to patient care transfer or intern switch from days to nights.
  • Update Epic sign-out daily
  • Communicate with parents – families should be updated in person or by phone at a
    minimum of twice weekly. In the case of emergent care or acute change in medical status, families should be updated immediately. As discharge approaches more frequent updates may become necessary.
  • Plan discharges, facilitate follow-up appointments and write discharge medications
  • Occasionally evaluate an infant in the normal newborn nursery, with appropriate
  • Supervise medical students


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NICU Handbook