Welcome to Nights (P3NS and Maroon night intern)! Your time on nights will give you skills to manage acute issues and gain autonomy. It will also help you prioritize tasks and provide an exemplary supervisory role. The fellows/attendings are always available via phone/pager throughout the night. You will take care of both Maroon and Silver services and admit new patients to those services.


Before Your Rotation


  • Team consists of one PL-1 resident and one PL-3 resident
  • Required rotation:
    • PL-1s will complete 2 weeks of nights during a four week maroon rotation
    • PL-3s will complete 2 weeks of nights labeled P3NS on amion
  • Total of three days off over the course of two weeks for both intern and senior
    • PL-1 has the 1st Friday & Saturday and the 2nd Saturday off
    • PL-3 has the 1st Saturday off and the 2nd Friday & Saturday off
  • Daily schedule as follows:
    • Night team arrives for sign-out at 6 PM in Maroon workroom
    • Day team arrives for sign-out at 6 AM in Maroon workroom

Roles and Responsibilities

PL1 Responsibilities:

  • Perform the primary patient care role
  • Participate in night rounds
  • Admit patients from PER and outside hospitals
  • Help teach medical students
  • Write H&Ps for all admitted patients
  • Take care of daily work associated with patient care
  • Communicate with patients, families, and primary physicians
  • Help update and conduct sign-out to day services at 6 AM
  • Excused from conferences

PL3 Night Senior Responsibilities:

  • Supervise the intern, night round, and oversee all admissions
  • Examine and obtain HPI on every patient
  • All outside hospital transfers will come via pager through the Call Center and MUST be discussed with the attending/fellow on call
    • Return call and speak to OSH physician within 15 minutes of receiving page
    • Call/page attending on call (the attending MUST always be notified of incoming transfers from OSH) and discuss case
  • Verbally sign-out and keep EPIC sign-out up to date
  • Help interns with daily plans for patients; double-check work done by interns
  • Teach medical students and sub-interns
  • Excused from conferences


Team generally works in conference room on north end of Comer 6


Pediatric Hospital Medicine Team Box
Comer Night Handbook