Comer – Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)


Before Your Rotation

  • Review the Goals and Objectives
  • All oncoming team members must receive verbal patient signout from the outgoing team on their new patients; you should also review the off-service notes posted in Epic by the outgoing interns
  • Consider reviewing lecture slides/articles from CAPS lecture series


  • Required four-week rotation during both PL-2 and PL-3 years
  • Total of four days off over the course of the four-week rotation, which will occur on weekends when the resident is neither post call nor on call
  • An optional senior elective can be requested as a categorical PGY-3 after completion of the required PICU months, or as a Med-Peds PGY-4 with approval by resdiency administration and PICU leadership
  • An optional intern elective can be requested for early exposure to critical care medicine for those residents interested in a career related to critical care
  • Each resident is expected to attend continuity clinic as scheduled

Daily schedule as follows:

  • Arrive at 6:30AM to resident work room and receive fellow led sign out with entire PICU team
  • PICU led didactic teaching occurs from 8AM-8:30AM every morning
  • Rounds occur with two separate teams. Each team consists of a primary attending, a primary fellow, and two primary residents
    • The Green team rounds on patients requiring post-operative cardiac and neurosurgical care and the general PICU patient population
    • The Blue team rounds on patients with primary hematology/oncology diagnoses and the general PICU patient population
  • Bedside teaching occurs daily
  • Attend noon conference daily
  • Sign out for the overnight team is run by the service fellow and begins daily at 4:30PM

Roles and Responsibilities

Welcome to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit! Resident training in our PICU encompasses an intensivist-directed, collaborative team model of patient-centered care that encourages increasing levels of responsibility for decision-making by the resident by providing the framework for understanding pathophysiology through the Pediatric Critical Care Core Curriculum. Residents will be exposed to a vast range of diagnoses in the PICU and will learn the fundamentals of critical care in managing patients in this setting. The PICU team provides multidisciplinary, patient-centered care for children with complex conditions including but not limited to:

  • Life-Threatening infection and sepsis
  • Multi-organ failure
  • Trauma
  • Post-surgical management
  • Cancer and blood disease
  • Solid organ/bone marrow/stem cell transplantation
  • Neurologic deterioration
  • Complex congenital heart disease

Roles and Responsibilities:


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