One stop shop for up to date #ComerCOVID information and resources for our pediatric residents!

Adult Surge at Comer
– Adult Surge protocol for the pediatric side have been uploaded here
– Adult Medicine Resources can be found here
***All of these protocol are subject to change depending on the needs of the institution and our patients. Thank you for your flexibility!***

Pediatric Resident Guidelines and other Protocol
PUI guidelines by service
– Updated Agile Pathways coming soon!
– Updated PHM resident guidelines
Managing Pediatric Asthma during Albuterol shortage Protocol

– Our daily #ComerCOVID email archive here
– Chairman’s COVID emails here
– Join our slack for COVID related convo and most importantly, memes

– All MR and noon conferences are being ZOOMed!

Wellness Reserve
– 4 PM VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR every Friday!
– Go here for more resources!
– Check out these free/discounts for healthcare workers!

Do you need help?
– Pritzker Helps Out! Our medical students are volunteering to help with a number of services. Click here for more info!

How can you help?
– Donate Blood at U of C! See this bulletin for details.
– All Donations welcome! Please email

– About home isolation, symptom monitoring, exposure to known COVID+ pt:  Page 9990
– About potential COVID symptoms refer to UCM Sick Healthcare Worker Instructions
– Travel Questions? Email
– Questions about treatment or clearing an in-house PUI–> Page 30028
– For visitor exceptions: Contact RN director or HOA after hours
– Non-urgent questions: Email

Thank You From Our Healthcare Heroes