Welcome to The Comer Emergency Room! Your time in the PER will expose you to common pediatric acute conditions, trauma, and complex medical conditions. While on this service, you will work with attendings from the both pediatric and adult Emergency Medicine as well as general pediatricians. You will also work with U of C, Resurrection, and Cook County ER residents.


Before Your Rotation

  • As an intern rotating for the first time in the ER, you will meet with the Float resident for an orientation to the Comer ER prior to your first shift
  • Review the Goals and Objectives
  • You will receive scheduling requests prior to the start of your rotation

Schedule (for Pediatric Residents)

  • You will be scheduled for approximately 7-10 shifts per two weeks, depending on ER staffing needs for each block
  • All shifts are 10 hours each and will include some overnight shifts for 2nd and 3rd year residents
  • In addition to ER shifts, you will be scheduled for continuity clinic during your rotation. Please carefully review both your PER schedule and your clinic schedule for your 2-4 week rotation.
  • To access your PEM Schedule:
    • Log in to amion using “comerer”
    • Select PER at the top left corner of the page to see the shifts
      • From here you can highlight your name to view your schedule
    • Select   to search for your personalized schedule
    • Having problems accessing your schedule? Contact the Chief Residents
  • To review your clinic schedule:
    • Log in to amion using “uchipeds”
    • SelectClinic at the top left corner of the page to view the clinic schedule

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Supervision is provided by the Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and general pediatrics attendings.
  • Many residents find the PEM clinical guidelines for common pediatric emergency medicine conditions to be a valuable resource throughout their rotation.
  • For shift change requests made after the start of the rotation, Dr. Alisa McQueen and the Chief Residents should be contacted for approval of your request.


The Comer ER is on the first floor of the Comer Children’s Hospital. The ER is on the first floor – enter through the double-doors by K160.