The Basics

Before Your Rotation

  • Contact Dr. Deplewski by e-mail to discuss the rotation
  • Contact the fellow or attending on service to determine where to meet on your first day.
  • Review the Goals and Objectives


  • Two- or four-week rotation open to all residents
  • No call or weekend responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

As a part of this rotation, residents will be expected to see patients in the following settings:

  • PICU
  • NICU
  • Comer II Outpatient Clinic
  • General inpatient floors

The resident will receive direct supervision in the above clinical setting by Endocrinology attending physicians and fellows.

The expectations of the rotation are the following:

  • The residents will attend and be active participants in all required clinics and maintain their weekly continuity clinic
  • Residents are expected to complete consultations on hospitalized patients and be prepared to present and discuss the patients on rounds with the team
  • Residents will round daily on all inpatients and consultations, document these evaluations and communicate recommendations to the inpatient team
  • Residents will attend and participate in the Endocrine specific weekly conferences, including the Pediatric Endocrine clinical case conference and the joint Pediatric/Adult endocrinology conference “Endorama”
  • Attending morning and noon conference daily when not at endocrine-specific conferences
  • Residents on sick or jeopardy call must carry their pagers at all times or appropriately forward this to an appropriate phone number where they can be reached. If activated for sick or jeopardy call, they must contact the director of the rotation to alert them of their absence