Welcome to The Gold Service! On this service, you will take care of patients admitted with hematologic and oncologic disease, including a busy Stem Cell Transplant Service. You will round with Hematology/Oncology fellows and attendings daily.



Before Your Rotation

  • Review the Goals and Objectives
  • Third year residents for each block should reach out to the team 1-2 months in advance to discuss scheduling, which will then be reviewed by the Chief Residents once completed
  • All oncoming team members must receive verbal patient signout from the outgoing team; you should also review the off-service notes posted in Epic by the outgoing residents


  • Team consists of two PL-2 residents and two PL-3 Residents
  • Required four-week rotation, with Q4 call split between all residents
  • Total of four days off over the course of the four-week rotation

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Patients are split evenly among all four residents
  • On-call resident should always be signed into the Gold pager
  • All residents should know all active issues for every patient on the service
  • Prior to leaving for clinic, residents should sign out to the on-call resident about active issues
  • Keep an accurate EPIC sign-out and problem list
  • Attend morning and noon conference daily, with 75% attendance expected


The Gold team generally works in the conference room across the staff elevators on Comer 6.


A Gold Curriculum was developed by former residents Drs. Kristin Wessel and Mimi Boren reviewing common heme/onc problems: