Click here to access the Independent Study/Offsite Elective application form.

The Independent Study (IS) elective provides a unique opportunity to design a non-ACGME elective or to participate in an ACGME-approved elective at another institution. Residents are eligible for one four-week block of Independent Study elective during residency. You may also request that this block be free of continuity clinic.

All Independent Study elective applications are subject to review and are not guaranteed.

Approval for IS requires demonstration of faculty mentorship, clear goals and objectives to be developed with your faculty mentor, and a detailed plan as to how these objectives will be accomplished.

Deadlines prior to the rotation:

The following are due sixteen weeks (four blocks) in advance of your assigned rotation:

  • IS/Offsite Elective Application Request (see above)
  • Signatures of both you and your faculty preceptor (forms without faculty signature are considered to be incomplete)

If you are doing an away rotation or off-site IS rotation (including clinics in Chicago), please meet with Thea prior to completing your forms. There is additional paperwork required that takes time to process and requires multiple signatures. Please allow for this in your planning.

Questions?  Email the Chiefs and Thea to discuss!