La Rabida Inpatient


Before Your Rotation

  • Review the Goals and Objectives
  • Receive written and verbal sign out from previous residents
  • Ensure that your LaRabida computer and Meditech log ins are functional
  • If not previously completed, Meditech and Vocera training will occur on the afternoon of the first day of the rotation


  • Floor service comprised of 3 PL-2 residents and 1 PL-3 resident on a two team system comprised of two residents and one attending per team
  • Scheduled for 2-3 four-week blocks over the course of second and third year
  • Rotation is based on 28-hour in-house call every fourth night
  • Days off are dependent on call schedule and fall on weekend days on which you are not on call or post-call (i.e. only the on-call and post-call residents are present on weekend mornings)
  • Clinic scheduled when your team partner is on call

Daily Schedule

  • Sign out is at 7AM every morning from the post call resident
  • Rounds conclude before 11AM to allow post call resident to complete tasks and notes in order to leave before 11AM
  • Subspecialty Rounds occur during scheduled mornings and afternoons throughout the week
  • Noon lecture is scheduled every weekday from 12noon – 1PM – attendance is mandatory in the Medical Services conference room
  • Afternoons include patient care and additional didactic teaching
  • Residents sign out to on-call resident by 5PM

Roles and Responsibilities

Welcome to La Rabida Children’s Hospital. While at La Rabida your breadth of knowledge of general pediatrics will be enriched by exposing you to children who have multiple complex medical problems and live with chronic medical conditions.  La Rabida Children’s Hospital specializes in the treatment of chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities, abuse and trauma. While on the La Rabida in- patient service you will care for children with diseases such as cerebral palsy, sickle cell disease, asthma, genetic diseases, chronic lung disease of prematurity, and short-gut syndrome.


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