Welcome to the Maroon Service! Your time on Maroon exposes you to common bread and butter pediatric diseases, as well as a wide range of complex medical conditions. While on this service, you will round with fellows and attendings from Pediatric Hospital Medicine (PHM; General Pediatrics), Cardiology, Infectious Disease, and Nephrology. You will also work closely with consulting Neurology and Pulmonology fellows and attendings.


Before Your Rotation

  • Review the Goals and Objectives
  • The senior residents for each block should reach out to the team 1-2 months in advance to discuss scheduling, which will then be reviewed by the Chief Residents.
  • All oncoming team members must receive verbal patient sign-out from the outgoing team; you should also review the off-service notes in Epic by the outgoing interns.
  • Please reference the PHM box prior to the start of your rotation. It contains information regarding daily schedule, discharge huddle instructions, and the teaching schedule.


  • PL-1 residents: 2-4 week blocks, typically for a total of 6-10 weeks over the course of the year
  • PL-3 residents: 2-4 week blocks, typically a total of 4 weeks over the course of the year
  • Days off: Total of 4 days over the course of a 4-week rotation (or 2 days for 2-week rotations), scheduled by senior residents
  • Daily schedule as follows:
    • Day team arrives for sign-out at 6 AM in Maroon workroom
    • One intern and one senior are designated as “long” each day and will stay through evening sign-out (which begins at 6 PM)
    • PHM Rounds start after AM report at 9:00 AM
    • Rounding schedule for subspecialty services will be coordinated by the senior residents
    • Residents carry out morning tasks and write notes until noon conference at 12:00 PM
    • Residents coordinate afternoon schedule among themselves, accounting for didactics with attendings

Roles and Responsibilities

PGY-1 Responsibilities:

  • Four interns per block, with 3 interns on days for 2 or 4 weeks and 1 intern on nights for 2 weeks (this is indicated on Amion)
  • Perform the primary patient care role and complete daily patient associated care
  • Pre-round on patients, write daily progress notes (or co-sign notes written by third year medical students), and enter orders
  • Present patients on rounds
  • Call consults as early as possible and formulate a specific question
  • Communicate with patients, families, and primary physicians
  • Attend conference daily while on day team. 75% conference attendance is expected.

PGY-3 Responsibilities:

  • Two day seniors per block
  • One senior resident remains in house until 6 PM to sign out to Night Team
  • Coordinate rounding time with fellows/attendings on all services
  • Ensure equitable distribution of patients to interns and medical students
  • Oversee and conduct sign-out
  • Keep EPIC sign-out and problem lists up to date
  • Help interns to develop daily plans for patients; double-check all work done by interns
  • Teach medical students and sub-interns
  • Examine all patients daily prior to morning report
  • Write/Co-sign H&Ps and daily progress notes for all patients followed by sub-interns
  • Alternate weekend days off with co-senior
  • Attend conference daily while on day team. 75% conference attendance is expected.


Team generally works in conference room on north end of Comer 6. Patients admitted to Maroon Service will be on Comer 5 and 6 floors.