Welcome to the Mother Baby Unit! You will become proficient in the care of newborns as well as providing sound anticipatory guidance before discharge. You will be supervised by Dr. Poj Lysouvakon, as well as other members of the Section of Academic Pediatrics.


Before Your Rotation


  • Required four-week rotation for all PL1 residents
  • Residents are the primary providers for newborns and work six days per week, 6 AM to 4 PM. Sign out any pertinent information to the NNPs at 4 PM before leaving.
  • Weekend coverage is divided between the two interns
  • Both residents are expected to be present on weekdays but can alternate weekend coverage as desired
  • Residents are responsible for contacting the covering attending on the weekends to discuss rounding times, expectations, etc

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Complete history (from mother/family) and physical examination (of neonate) initially
  • Daily examination of neonates with follow-up history from mothers/caretakers as indicated
  • Clearing qualified neonates for circumcision
  • Ensuring appropriate tests and therapies for neonate are performed
  • Ensuring appropriate follow-up appointments upon neonate’s discharge from hospital
  • Ensuring adequate teaching and anticipatory guidance for parents (jaundice, circumcision, breast-feeding, back-to-sleep, umbilical stump care, etc)
  • Education of third-year medical students
  • On-time attendance for morning reports/noon conferences, Grand Rounds, and ambulatory clinics


Team works in the Mother Baby Unit (team room on 3rd floor of Mitchell) and Labor and Delivery (L&D) on the third floor of Comer.