Welcome to the Nephrology rotation!


Before Your Rotation

  • Review the Goals and Objectives
  • 2 weeks prior to beginning the rotation, residents should contact Dr. Clardy by page or email for scheduling details.


  • Two or four week rotation open to all pediatric residents
  • Includes inpatient consults at Comer and outpatient clinics various sites
  • This rotation is call free and has no weekend responsibilities unless you are on sick or jeopardy call

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Residents should expect to see consults on the Comer wards and clinic patients in various settings.
  • Residents will be supervised in all settings by the nephrology attending physician
  • Residents will follow the consult patients and communicate recommendations to the inpatient team
  • Residents on sick or jeopardy call must carry their pagers at all times or appropriately forward this to an appropriate phone number where they can be reached. If activated for sick or jeopardy call, they must contact the director of the rotation to alert them of their absence