PL-1 Journal Club

As your Journal Club approaches, see the introductory PCARES email for guidance and resources, as well as the expectations and step-by-step instructions below:

Select a relevant and timely article from a peer reviewed journal (Pediatrics, NEJM, JAMA, etc.).

Email the Chiefs and your faculty preceptor the chosen article during the first week of your rotation for approval and with at least 2-3 possible times at which you would be available to meet with your preceptor to go over your article and presentation.

Prepare your PowerPoint after you receive approval on your article choice.

  • The “Improving Journal Club” article that you were sent in the PCARES introductory email is a framework for your presentation/PowerPoint. Be sure to include slides with an applicable PICO (population, intervention, comparison, outcome) and the answers to your worksheet questions (see below).

Prepare the critical appraisal worksheet.

  • See the JAMA critical appraisal worksheets from the PCARES email to decide which one best fits with your chosen article.
  • Tailor the questions so they are appropriate to your article.
  • The three main questions that we can apply to any article are: What were the results? Were the results valid (what were the strengths and limitations)? Are the results applicable to our patient population?

Meet with your faculty preceptor one to two weeks prior to your journal club with your completed power point and worksheet.

Email the chiefs the article and worksheet after you have met with your faculty preceptor, at LEAST one week before your presentation.