Each PL1 is required to work with 1-2 other residents to critically appraise and present a landmark pediatric article during one noon conference throughout the academic year.

PCARES is: Pediatric Critical Appraisal of Research and Evidence-Based Medicine Skills. The goal of the curriculum is to encourage residents to seek evidence to inform their practice and to bring this evidence to the bedside to teach colleagues and evaluate the academic discussion on rounds.

The main objectives of Journal Club are:

  1. To review statistical, epidemiological, and evidence-based medicine concepts.
  2. To learn how to present an article concisely.
  3. To allow active participation from the group.
  4. To learn critical appraisal skills.
  5. To incorporate evidence-based medicine into practice.

Formal of Journal Club:

  • Landmark articles selected by faculty and assigned to particular dates
  • Monthly journal club led by 2-3 PL1s focused on this landmark article

Responsibilities for Journal Club:

  • Your article along with your assigned faculty preceptor will be emailed to you by the Chief Residents
  • Email your faculty preceptor ONE MONTH prior to your Journal Club to coordinate a meeting date so you can discuss the article and review your completed PowerPoint presentation
  • Prepare your PowerPoint
  • The Improving Journal Club article is a framework for your presentation. While you are not trying to present the article in 10 minutes (because we encourage input from your peers), this article presents nice way of reviewing the literature and building a presentation
  • Be sure to include slides with the PICO (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) and encourage audience participation!
  • Meet with your faculty preceptor to review your materials at least one week prior to your Journal Club with your completed presentation
  • Present the article at Journal Club!

Presentation Dates:

  • Once per block at noon conference
  • Outlook invitations to be sent to PL1s

Any questions or concerns? Please email the Chief Residents!