Each PGY2 is required to present one morning report during the academic year to count toward their graduation requirement. This morning report is meant to help each resident present a patient-based case that has been encountered during residency. Maintenance of patient confidentiality is an absolute requirement, so no identifying information should be presented.

Each resident’s morning report will be scheduled by the Chief Residents. Please reach out to the chiefs at least two weeks before your scheduled morning report to discuss your topic. Morning report topics should not be repeated multiple times throughout the year, so residents should plan to discuss your topic with the chiefs before you begin working on your presentation.

The goals of presenting Morning Report are:

  • Create a case based presentation
  • Engender audience participation to help create the HPI and an extensive differential diagnosis
  • Have at least three different teaching points throughout the presentation
  • Become familiar with teaching to an audience
  • Learn about a specific disease process(es) and be comfortable teaching about the topic with minimal use of notes
  • Discuss interpretation of laboratory values / diagnostic information for the specific disease process
  • Have fun!

Some tips to a successful Morning Report: 

  • Allow approximately 25 minutes for exploration of the HPI and building the differential diagnosis with the audience
  • Allow approximately one minute per slide (this gives time for about 30 slides after HPI and DDx)
  • Have at least three different teaching points dispersed throughout the presentation to break up didactic teaching and audience participation
  • Read extensively on your topic to ensure that you are able to field questions from the audience
  • Use the minimal text on your slides so that the audience listens to your presentation versus just reading your slides
  • Use evidence-based medicine
  • Ask the chiefs for help!
  • Ask for feedback after your presentation

Questions? Emails the Chief Residents!