Thank you for helping us recruit the future members of our family! We know your plate is full, and truly appreciate your time and energy. Let’s GOOOOO!

Implicit Bias Training
View Dr. Naylor’s overview of implicit bias here. (from minute 38:00 onward)

Sign up to interview here!
Note: Usually you can be excused from clinical duties to help interview EXCEPT for clinic!

Sample interview questions:

  1. What are you most proud of?
  2. What is something that is not on your application that you want us to know?
  3. Why do you want to work on the south side of Chicago?
  4. What is one thing you want people to remember about you?
  5. Tell me about an experience you’ve had that taught you something about yourself.
  6. Tell me about a time in your life when things weren’t going your way, and what you learned from that.
  7. Teach me something!

Happy Hours!
Every Thursday from 7-8pm
No prep required to host or attend! Just show up with your bad self.
–> Click this link to join happy hour! (Note: works best with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.)
To login, you’ll be prompted to add a photo of yourself, your name, and answer our ice breaker question. Once you join, you can drag your avatar to the “Q&A” room to chat more about Comer and Chicago, or the “Games” room to kick back and have some fun. Both rooms will have Comer residents and other applicants! Once in a room, you’ll automatically enter a video chat with other people in that room. You can also send messages to the entire group or individuals through the chat box, or request particular people to chat with you individually.