Each resident is expected to complete a scholarly project by the completion of their residency. This project will be presented during the Annual Research Day at the end of the academic year in June (usually during last year of residency).

There are 4 types of projects that can fulfill your scholarly requirement.

  1. Research project
    1. Requires IRB approval, even if anticipated IRB exempt status, which can be obtained here: https://aura.uchicago.edu/
  2. QI project
    1. Requires QI status determination by UCMC if the work will be shared outside of the institution, which can be obtained here: http://hdsi.uchicago.edu/qi-determination/
    2. Class QI project qualifies if the resident is one of the class QI project leaders
  3. Case report – published in peer-reviewed journal
    1. If interested in publishing a case report, please contact Dr. Joseph Hageman at jhageman@peds.bsd.uchicago.edu for further guidance.
  4. Medical Education project (e.g. MERITS, LUCENT project)

Please contact the chiefs at chiefs@peds.bsd.uchicago.edu or Dr. Joseph Hageman at jhageman@peds.bsd.uchicago.edu for guidance on your scholarly project.


Scholarly Resources

University of Chicago Library Resources:

Go to library.uchicago.edu to access the University of Chicago Library’s website.

Go to proxy.uchicago.edu to access all of the University of Chicago Library’s databases and journals.

Reference Management:

You have free access to EndNote Online and Zotero via the University of Chicago. Read more about which reference manager might work best for you at: http://guides.lib.uchicago.edu/citation_management and select the ‘Which Tool is Best for Me’ Link.

If you desire an EndNote desktop version, the EndNote’s desktop version is $80 with an academic discount.