Welcome to Saint Anthony Hospital! You will see a wealth of acute general pediatrics in addition to gaining unique insight into the challenges of working in a community setting, with limited availability of resources and access to sub-specialty services. Your patient population will be an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse community, very different from patients we see at Comer.

You will also be taking care of patients requiring PICU level care in the IMCU. We provide continuous monitoring and treatment modalities for critical patients including status asthmaticus, DKA, and acute respiratory failure requiring HFNC and BiPAP. We also see a high number and uncommon presentation of acute appendicitis.


Before Your Rotation

  • Review the Goals and Objectives
  • Ensure that your Saint Anthony log ins are still functional. Help line number 773-484-1900
  • Receive verbal sign out from previous residents
  • If not previously completed, paragon training will be done on the morning  of the first day
  • Paragon training and IDs should be obtained prior to beginning the rotation during initial orientation. If not done then should be obtained on the first day of the rotation.


Block Schedule

  • Floor service comprised of one PL1 and one senior resident (PL2 or PL3) supervised by the on-call hospitalist for the day
  • 4 week rotation includes 28 hours call every fourth night for the senior resident
  • The intern works day shifts and stays late every 3rd day to help with admissions
  • Days off are dependent on call schedule and fall on weekend days on which you are not on call or post-call
  • Clinic will never fall on days on which you are on call or post-call

Daily Schedule

  • Sign out is at 7:00 AM on weekdays and on 8:00 AM on weekends and holidays
  • All residents pre-round on patients until 8:30AM
  • Teaching rounds take place at 10:00 AM every morning by the designated teaching attendings. Rounds conclude before 11:00 AM to allow post call resident to complete tasks and notes
  • Lectures are scheduled on a weekly basis at 3:00 PM. Attendance is mandatory, however you are excused if post call
  • Residents sign out to on-call attending by 4:00 PM

Roles and Responsibilities

PL1 Responsibilities:

  • Pre-round on all patients: review vitals, labs, and radiology results
  • Round on all patients on the floor
  • Full History and Physical on all new admissions
  • Contact the Hospitalist on call with all admissions, discharges, questions and changes in clinical status.
  • Write daily Progress Notes (up to 10 progress notes). Senior should help if greater than 10 notes
  • Discharge Summaries should be done within 24 hours of discharge
  • Asthma action plan for all asthmatics
  • Teach medical students
  • Keep sign-out accurate and up-to-date
  • Attend daily morning rounds which are conducted by faculty pediatricians from the community. As there is a different attending every day for the teaching rounds, residents will be exposed to different styles and perspectives ha

Senior Resident Responsibilities:

  • Suprevise intern and medical students
  • Update the PMDs and specialists daily after rounds
  • Participate in the interdisciplinary rounds everyday at 9:00 AM
  • If there are Spanish speaking patients use the video interpreter services to communicate and update the parents daily.
  • Prepare discharge medications, review discharge education with families
  • Teach medical students on common pediatric illnesses. Give 5 min talks on general pediatric topics (otitis media, pneumonia, gastroenteritis, fluids, etc). Log topic/time and signature in log book provided.
  • Present Grand rounds at the end of the rotation on a relevant topic
  • Help lead/run rounds every day
  • Alert Hospitalist/Intensivist on call when the clinical condition worsens


St Anthony Hospital map
Pediatric Team works on the 3rd floor –Pediatric unit